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Static and Cyclic Performance of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Beams Using a Range of Underlays

Abid Abu Tair and Mohamed Nabil Omar
Faculty of Engineering & IT, British University in Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E

Abstract—The repair and strengthening of concrete structures has become a significant area of specialization in the construction industry, in many countries the cost of repair and strengthening is accounting for nearly 50% of the overall expenditure within the construction industry. Generally, concrete properly made and compacted has a high resistance against deterioration and possible damage. However, structures may suffer damage or deterioration from a variety of internal and external causes. Repair may carried out to protect the reinforcement, to restore the structure to its original strength, or merely to restore the original appearance. Whatever the reason, an essential requirement is that the repair achieves a satisfactory bond with the substrate concrete and maintains good adhesion and protection over the service life of the structure. A range of repair of repair materials and techniques are available to the maintenance engineer, the selection of the best suitable materials and most effective technique are essential in a durable and effective technique. In this investigation, three types of materials used representing the full range of repair materials available, namely, a basic cementitious, a polymer modified cementious and an epoxy render. Twelve reinforced concrete beams, with preformed faults, were repaired and tested under three loading systems, a static loading, a service level cyclic loading and a near ultimate fatigue loading, the results from these beams were compared to control beams with similar reinforcement and made from similar concrete, but with no faults. 

Index Terms—repair, strengthening overlays/underlays, reinforced concrete, static & cyclic loading

Cite: Abid Abu Tair and Mohamed Nabil Omar, "Static and Cyclic Performance of Repaired Reinforced Concrete Beams Using a Range of Underlays," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 138-143, May 2020. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.9.2.138-143

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