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Strength Appraisal of Concrete Containing Waste Tyre Crumb Rubber

Tushar R. More1, Pradip D. Jadhao 1, and S. M. Dumne 2
1. Department of Civil Engineering, K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research Nashik 422 203, India.
2. Department of Applied Mechanics, Government Polytechnic Aurangabad, 433 005, India.

Abstract—Waste-Tire rubber is one of the significant environmental problems worldwide because of increase in auto mobile production huge amounts of waste tire need to be dispose. Due to rapid depletion of available sites for waste disposal, many countries banned the disposal of waste tire rubber in landfills. Hence, efforts have been taken to identify the potential application of waste tyre crumb rubber in civil engineering projects. Crumb rubber is a waste material that is ideal for use in concrete applications. This has an additional advantage of saving in natural aggregates used in production of concrete which are becoming increasingly scarce. In this essence, our present study aims to study the use of waste tyre rubber as partial replacement of fine aggregate to produce rubberize concrete in M25 grade of mix. Different partial replacements of crumb rubber (0, 3, 6, 9 and 12%) by volume of fine aggregates are cast and tested for flexural strength and split tensile strength. The results show that there is a reduction in all type of strength for crumb rubber mixture, but crumb rubber content concrete becomes more lean due to increase in partial replacement of crumb rubber fine aggregates from 0% to 12% therefore such type of concrete of is useful in making light weight concrete. The experiments were carried out to determine flexural and split tensile strength of waste tyre crumb rubber concrete beams and cylinders on 7 and 28 days. The results of using waste tyre rubber aggregates in concrete as compared to normal concrete are analyzed. It is recommended to use the rubberized concrete for nonstructural applications.

Index Terms—Fine aggregates, Crumb rubber aggregates, Silica fume, Normal concrete, Rubberized concrete, Workability, Flexural strength, Split tensile strength

Cite: Tushar R. More, Pradip D. Jadhao, and S. M. Dumne, "Strength Appraisal of Concrete Containing Waste Tyre Crumb Rubber," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp.88-99, February 2015.