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Structural Behavior of Modified Reactive Powder Concrete Beams Reinforced With Rebars and Steel Mesh

Mohammed M. Kadhum1, Jamal Saeed 2, and Salah J. Moham 2
1. College of Engineering, Babylon University, , PO Box. 4, Babylon-Hilla, Iraq.
2. College of Engineering, Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq.

Abstract—This paper summarizes work carried out to study the influence of using hooked end steel fibers and steel mesh content on the Normal Strength Concrete (NSC) and Modified Reactive Powder Concrete (MRPC) beams. All the beams are simply supported with 1050 mm span and loaded with two equal concentrated loads. The experimental results indicate that in comparison with conventional concrete (NSC), the ultimate load of unreinforced MRPC beams increases by 24.2% and 26.0% when steel fibers are used at 0.5%, and 1.0% by volume, respectively. The unreinforced RPC beams which contain steel fiber of (0.5% and 1% volume fraction respectively) but they sustained ultimate loads of (385 and 423) kN compared with the (310 and 337) kN ultimate load of the unreinforced normal strength concrete beams, and compared with the (410 and 435) kN ultimate load of the reinforced normal strength concrete beams with 2% of steel mesh reinforcement. While, the ultimate load of MRPC beams reinforced was 540 kN. This indicates that the use of MRPC allows for smaller, thinner, lighter sections to be designed while strength is still maintained or even improved and taking advantage by minimizing material usage and cost in addition to reducing the weight of beams.

Index Terms—Modified reactive powder concrete, Steel mesh, Steel fiber, RC beams, Deflection, Load carrying capacity

Cite: Mohammed M. Kadhum, Jamal Saeed, and Salah J. Moham, "Structural Behavior of Modified Reactive Powder Concrete Beams Reinforced With Rebars and Steel Mesh," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp.10-27, February 2015.