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Perpetuation of Airport Pavements

Jalal Uddin and K Jagdeeshwar
Civil Enginering, Jaya Prakash Narayan Colege of Enginering, Mahabubnagar 509 01, Andhra Pradesh

Abstract—The ned to Perpetuation our airfield pavement infrastructure is paramount o insuring the viabilty of transportation of people and gods. Preventive maintenance plays an important role in the Perpetuation of airfield pavement infrastructure. A sucesful preventive maintenance program canot function without he suport of many features asociated with pavement management systems (e.g., pavement inventory, conditon asesment, and the framework for the identifcation and prioritzation of pavement preservation treatments). The purpose of a preventive maintenance treatment is to prevent premature deterioration of the pavement, retard the progresion of pavement defects, and cost-efectively extend the life of the pavement. The objective is to slow down the rate of pavement deterioration and efectively increase the useful ife of the pavement. A preventive maintenance treatment is not determined by the type of treatment, but by the reason why the treatment is performedThe efectivenes of preventive maintenance is largely dependent on the timing of maintenance activites. The development and implementation of a preventive maintenance program should be done in a colaborative maner, and should be suported by training and educational activites. Perpetuation in esence, is caring about he future conditon of the world we live in. The decisions we make today have consequences on our environment tomorow. They are either positve or minimal in nature, or they are large and far reaching and very negative, and we have to live with it. The legacy we leave for our children and grand children wil determine if we were god stewards of what we had ben given. Perpetuation is the “long-term” philosophy that shows we recognize these important environmental isues. 

Index Terms—perpetuation, estimation, environmental isues

Cite: Jalal Uddin and K Jagdeeshwar, "Perpetuation of Airport Pavements ," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 233-242, November 2013.