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IJSCER 2023 Vol.12(1): 13-19
doi: 10.18178/ijscer.12.1.13-19

Influence of Physical Environment of Learning Space on Comfort and Emotional Perception in Severe Cold City in Winter

Wenjuan Li and Hong Jin*
School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, Key Laboratory of Cold Region Urban and Rural Human Settlement Environment Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Harbin, China
*Corresponding author: jinhong@hit.edu.cn

Manuscript received November 1, 2022; revised November 25, 2022; accepted December 12, 2022.

Abstract—The cold winter in severe cold area is long, and the heating period is about 6 months. People spend more than half a year in a closed room, so the study of learning space comfort is particularly important. Learning space is the main place for students' daily learning and life. Its physical environment affects users ' comfort and emotional perception. In order to explore the in-fluence of physical environment on human comfort and emotion in winter of learning space in severe cold cities, and the relationship between different indoor environment comfort and human emotion, therefore, this study investigated the change range of temperature, illumination and sound pressure level of learning space, and selected 27 different environmental conditions for controlled indoor environment experiments. The results show that, temperature has significant influence on thermal comfort, acoustic comfort and visual comfort, and people will feel more comfortable in neutral temperature environment. Sound pressure level has significant influence on acoustic comfort and visual comfort, which are better in quiet environment. Illumination only has a significant impact on visual comfort, and visual comfort is poor in too bright environments. The overall environmental com-fort is affected by thermal environment, acoustic environment and luminous environment, and the overall environment is the most comfortable at 22 °C, 35 dBA and 100 lux. Emotional perception is affected by three physical environmental factors, and has a significant relationship with environmental comfort. In a comfortable experimental environment, the perception of positive emotion is more obvious, and in an uncomfortable environment, the perception of negative emotion is more obvious.

Keywords—physical environment, comfort perception, emotion perception

Cite: Wenjuan Li and Hong Jin, "Influence of Physical Environment of Learning Space on Comfort and Emotional Perception in Severe Cold City in Winter," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 13-19, February 2023. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.12.1.13-19

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