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A Study on Productivity and Structural Performance of Steel Embedded Connection Filled with Adhesives

Itsuki Yagi 1, Yuta Nakaie 1, Takumi Ito 1, Changhoon Choi 1, and Hiroyuki Murata 2
1. Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan
2. Department of Steel Structural Engineering, Fab-Tec Japan Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Abstract— Recently, a various of steel connection technique has been developed, which aims to possess the multiple demands on steel structures. In this study, a new fitting type connection technique is suggested and this joint consists as follows: steel square tube is just embedded to another steel member, and the filler such as adhesives is filled to the clearance between each member. The advantage of this embedded connection system is not only improvement of workability by needless of bolting and welding on construction site but also adjustment of the bending rigidity and strength by filling materials and methods. Herein, the productivity test is conducted in order to investigate the workability of proposed connection methods. From test results, the workability is improved compared with conventional connection systems. In addition, the loading test and the finite element analysis is conducted in order to clarify the resistant mechanism to the bending moment. From these results, it is confirmed that the bending rigidity and strength is improved by filling effect of adhesives and kinematic model of embedded connection is proposed.

Index Terms—Steel building structures, Embedded connection, Adhesives, Productivity test, Loading test, Finite element analysis

Cite: Itsuki Yagi, Yuta Nakaie, Takumi Ito, Changhoon Choi, and Hiroyuki Murata, "A Study on Productivity and Structural Performance of Steel Embedded Connection Filled with Adhesives," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 220-226, August 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.7.3.220-226