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The Impact of Green Buildings on Energy Consumption in Some Middle East Countries (Arabic Union)

Mahmod Tayb M. Yahya
Department of Civil Engineering, Sabratha University, Sabratha, Libya

 Abstract— Green buildings will have a significant impact in helping the Middle East countries of the suffering incurred in resolving the power outage problems as a result of increasing growing energy demand. Green buildings could help the inability of some of Arabic countries to provide increased volume on demand, especially in the summer time, which cost their budget huge expenses. On the other hand, a significant pollution to the environment due to the large reliance on environmentally harmful conventional stations to provide the bulk of the electricity; however keeps the deficit remains which led to several initiatives, including the emergence of a new project, which is a electrical connection between these countries to resolve this crisis, one of the costly projects. This paper has put up a practical solution which renovate government and commercial buildings into green buildings to save energy consumption. Government and commercial buildings consume about 16% to 50% of the total electricity consumed in the Arabic countries according to the Arab Union for Electricity ; in other words, this paper has examined the impact of green buildings save energy consumed in the Arabic region, and it has been showed that the amount of electrical power could be saved by using green buildings in each country. Using green buildings technique in the government and commercial buildings leads to release the stresses on the budget of these countries by saving the used money to produce that amount of electricity for these buildings, also this saving has been taking in the consecration in this paper; as well as It was studied the impact of these buildings to reduce environmentally harmful emissions from power plants by reducing the productivity power of these planets. Reducing the productivity power in Arabic countries means reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Implementing the idea of green buildings result the reduction the stress on the budget by reducing the drain the energy sector, solving outage power problems, and reducing environmental pollution. 

Index Terms—green buildings, energy consumption, energy efficiency, commercial buildings, government buildings, pollution

Cite: Mahmod Tayb M. Yahya, "The Impact of Green Buildings on Energy Consumption in Some Middle East Countries (Arabic Union)," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 298-305, November 2017. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.6.4.298-305