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Mechanical Properties of Functionally Double Layered Thin Slabs

Milan Rydval , David Čítek , Tomáš Bittner , Šárka Nenadálová , and Jiří Kolísko
Klokner Institute, CTU in Prague, Prague 6, Czech Republic

Abstract—The contribution deals with mechanical properties of functionally double layered thin slabs (totally thickness 25 mm) made from two cement-based composite materials with different properties and rupture behavior. The load bearing part of the slab was done from Ultra-High Performance Steel Fibere Reinforcement Concrete (here and after noted as UHPSFRC) with short brass coated steel fibres BASF MASTERFIBER® 482 0.2/13. The second layer of fine-grained Engineered cementitious composite (here and after noted as ECC) material with thickness about 10 mm reinforced by short PVA fibres Kuraray REC15/8 was spread on so prepared samples after 15 minutes. Total thickness of slabs was 25 mm. The performed functionally layered thin slabs were tested in a four-point bending test. The layered samples take advantage of the potential of the hi-tech UHPSFRC material and properties of the ECC matrix that thanks to the reinforcement by PVA fibres prevents a developing and spreading of micro-cracks and a getting out of steel fibres on to the surface of a structure.

Index Terms—UHPSFRC; Thin Slabs; ECC; Layered Materials; Bending Tests; Corrosion; Durability

Cite: Milan Rydval, David Čítek, Tomáš Bittner, Šárka Nenadálová, and Jiří Kolísko, "Mechanical Properties of Functionally Double Layered Thin Slabs," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 164-167, August 2017. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.6.3.164-167