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Economic Parameters and Efficiency of Green Residential Buildings in Pune, India

Anshul P. Gujarathi and Vasudha Gokhale
College of Architecture, Pune University, India

Abstract—Various studies have been performed on cost impacts and impact parameters in Green Buildings against the conventional ones. Most of the studies include commercial buildings prioritizing energy and water related impacts while fewer studies are done on residential scale. This paper attempts to study the residential side of Green. Green certification and rating programs define the greenness quotient for a project with their predefined parameters. These parameters and their standards can be linked directly for their cost impact. In India, Pune is one of the pioneer cities with respect to the number and coverage of green building footprint. All the pertinent ratings of the country appreciate its prominent presence in Pune city with the advantages of applicable municipal incentives. This paper aims to determine and analyse the cost incremental factors for the certified green residential buildings in Pune against the conventional buildings. It will also determine the incremental percentage or the monetary value which impact the project cost. For the study, certified green projects from Pune are considered with at actual data pertaining to the project. The analysis is aimed for the overall effective resultant of cost incremental or decremental factors with the cost benefit analysis. Further a factor analysis is carried out for a survey conducted for the buyers with their approach to green buildings and cost associated.
Index Terms—conventional building, cost incremental factor, green building

Cite: Anshul P. Gujarathi and Vasudha Gokhale, "Economic Parameters and Efficiency of Green Residential Buildings in Pune, India," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 315-322, November 2016. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.5.4.315-322