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Study on a New-Type Thermal Storage Aerated Concrete

Min Li1,2 and Huan Peng2
1. International Institute for Urban System Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
2. Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Construction Materials, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Abstract—In this study, the Paraffin/Silicon dioxide phase change materials PCM was mixed into the aerated concrete to prepare thermal storage aerated concrete. The thermal performance, compressive strength, dry density and thermal conductivity were measured. The microstructure of the thermal storage aerated concrete was observed with a Scanning Electron Microscope. The results showed that the compressive strength of the thermal storage aerated concrete was decreased with the increase of the amount of the composite PCM. The existence of composite PCMs makes the crystallinity of the tobermorite decreased. The aerated concrete with the composite PCM shows notable thermal storage performance.

Index Terms—aerated concrete, phase change material, thermal storage, energy saving

Cite: Min Li and Huan Peng, "Study on a New-Type Thermal Storage Aerated Concrete," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 31-34, February 2016. doi: 10.18178/ijscer.5.1.31-34