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Forcasting, Analysis and Design for Upgrading Gunjoor-Sarjapur Road via Mullur: A Case Study

Ranjitha J1 and Varshini K C A2
1.Department of Civil Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
2.Highway Technology, DSCE, Bangalore, India

Abstract—Bangalore is one of the major cities of our country and growing very largely day by day. The city expansion is taking place in all the directions and connectivity to different parts of the city is a must as overall development of the city has to be achieved. The road network should be improved to well connect the new layouts with the city center. Sarjapur is a major part of the city and has to well be connected and easily reachable under high traffic volume conditions. So to ensure the fast movement, the Gunjoor-Mullur ¨C Sarjapur Road development project has been taken up. Existing single lane is widened to double lane and single stretch is maintained at some location by improving the shoulder conditions. The demand for future traffic is estimated by taking the present volume data and analyzing it for different parameters. The present study deals with topographical survey of the area and site appreciation. And the collection of traffic data and analysis to design the signal timings, junction turning characteristics. The horizontal and vertical curves are improved. Realignment is done wherever necessary. Geotechnical investigations are carried out wherever needed.

Keywords: California Bearing Ratio, Distress, Pavement, Traffic forecasting
Cite: Ranjitha J and Varshini K C A, "Forcasting, Analysis and Design for Upgrading Gunjoor-Sarjapur Road via Mullur: A Case Study," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 62-69, 2014.