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Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concrete Using Glass Powder

A Rajathi and G Portchejian
Department of Civil Engineering, PRIST University Pondicherry, India

Abstract—This paper deals with the glass powder used in the Self compacting concrete with different mix proportions such as to find their behaviors in self-compacting concrete. Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) represents one of the biggest modern innovations in the construction field worldwide. It also referred to as “Self consolidating concrete” and “High performance concrete”, has recently been one of the most important developments in the building industry. There is a current trend in all over the world to utilize the treated and untreated industrial by-products, domestic wastes, etc., as raw materials in concrete. These not only help in the reuse of the materials but also create a greener and cleaner environment. This study aims to focus on the possibility of using waste material in a preparation of innovative concrete .The one kind of waste identified is ‘Glass Powder’ (GP). The use of this waste (GP) was proposed in different percentage as an instead of cement for production of Self compacting concrete.

Keywords: Glass Powder (GP), Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), Self compactability, Compressive strength
Cite: A Rajathi and G Portchejian, "Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concrete Using Glass Powder," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 73-79, 2014.