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Software Development for Calibration of Highway Development and Management Tool (HDM-4) for Local Conditions

Dattatraya Thube1 and Aruna Thube 2
1. Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra, India.
2. College of Engineering, Pune 411005, Maharashtra, India.

Abstract—The Highway Development and a Management System (HDM-4) developed by World Bank is a powerful pavement management software tool capable of performing technical and economic appraisals of road projects, investing road investment programs and analyzing road network preservation strategies. Its effectiveness is dependent on the proper calibration of its predictive models to local conditions. The use of appropriate calibration factors in HDM-4 pavement deterioration models will facilitate more reliable and rational prediction of pavement deterioration for the road network under considerations. This in turn will help in better assessment of the maintenance and rehabilitation requirements of pavements and improved pavement management system. In the present study, computer programs in ¡®Visual C¡¯ language have been developed for calibration of pavement deterioration progression models stipulated in HDM-4 tool such as cracking, ravelling, edge break and pothole for surface treatments with unbound base types of pavement composition used for Low Volume Roads (LVR) in India.

Index Terms—Pavement, Deterioration models, Low volume roads, Calibration

Cite: Dattatraya Thube and Aruna Thube, "Software Development for Calibration of Highway Development and Management Tool (HDM-4) for Local Conditions," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 95-104, February 2013.