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Structural Behavior under Loading Predominance

Amala Mathew1, Farvaze Ahmed A K2, and Eapen Sakaria P3
1. Saint Gits College of Engineering, Pathamuttam, Kottayam 686532
2. CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre and Currently Pursuing Doctoral Degree Program in Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (ACSIR), India
3. Civil Engineering Department, Saint Gits College of Engineering, Pathamuttam, Kottayam

Abstract—In recent years, developments in structural materials, analysis and design methodology in civil engineering has led to the construction of buildings which satisfy static load requirements and also are able to resist the rare dynamic loads like earthquake and wind loads. The structures, which are designed to resist gravity and lateral loads, are subjected to the combination of gravity and lateral loads. In this thesis, the structural response of different types of structural system was assessed for different combinations of gravity and lateral load. Interaction ratio on the column and bracing members under different combination of loads were evaluated for the comparative study on different types of structural system. Based on this, identification of the dominant load carrying members were made and suggestions were given on strengthening/retrofitting. The structural systems considered in this study are analyzed using STAAD.Pro and designed as per relevant Indian standards. 

Index Terms—interaction ratio, STAAD.Pro, structural response, structural system

Cite: Amala Mathew, Farvaze Ahmed A K, and Eapen Sakaria P, "Structural Behavior under Loading Predominance," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 112-123, February 2014.