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Seismic Response Analysis of Building Using Semiactive MR Dampers Involving Smart Passive Control

A M Deshmukh1, Pradip D Jadhao1, and S M Dumne2
1. Civil Engineering Department, K K Wagh I.E.E.& R, Nashik
2. Government Polytechnic College, Samangaon Road, Nashik Road, Nashik

Abstract—The issue of seismic hazard mitigation of buildings is being investigated over the years using various strategies to enhance the seismic resistance of buildings. But large scale seismic hazards during recent past earthquakes have underscored the importance of structural control system for mitigation of earthquake hazards. This paper involve a study of reduction in building responses using two proposed controls, namely, semiactive MR control and smart passive MR control are compared with uncontrol building responses. The MR dampers are diagonally connected to each floors and Bouc-Wen phenomenological model has been employed to ascertain dynamic behaviour of semiactive MR damper. The analysis of building responses are studied under four unidirectional earthquakes and simulated by programme coding with the help of SCILAB5.4.0. The results of numerical study reflects that smart passive MR control found more effective than semiactive MR control in reducing seismic responses of uncontrol building. 

Index Terms—seismic response, mitigation, semi-active MR control, smart passive MR control, inclined damper, uncontrolled building responses

Cite: A M Deshmukh, Pradip D Jadhao, and S M Dumne, "Seismic Response Analysis of Building Using Semiactive MR Dampers Involving Smart Passive Control," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 147-154, August 2013.