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Seismic Behavior of Heritage Masonry Structures

Ismail M I and Essa A M
Structure and Metallic Construction Department, HBRC, Egypt

Abstract—Seismic assessment of historical buildings is a complex problem due to the wide variety of involved aspects, such as the quality of masonry, the structural systems, the large effort in inspection and diagnosis, the economic and cultural implications. The dynamic behavior of block masonry minaret of a historical mosque in Cairo is analyzed, and a seismic assessment is proposed. Under seismicity of the Cairo region and Egyptian loading code, a 3D finite element model is used to determine lateral displacements and failure modes under seismic load. The analyses show that the highest damage usually occurs at the base and the lower part of the minaret. Wall-Hungarian eyes which is another a heritage structure is analyzed. The dynamic properties were evaluated using ambient vibration field measurements. The field measurements were used to update the finite element model analysis. The analysis based on updating finite element model was carried out to evaluate the seismic performance for this structure.

Keywords: Historic masonry structure, Minaret, Masonry building seismic assessment
Cite: Ismail M I and Essa A M, "Seismic Behavior of Heritage Masonry Structures," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 13-24, 2014.