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Structural Damage Diagnostic Techniques Using Time Series

Rakhy Joy1, A Rama Mohan Rao2, and P Eapen Sakaria3
1. Saintgits College of Engineering, Pathamuttom
2. Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai
3. Civil Engineering Department, Saintgits College of Engineering, Pathamuttom

Abstract—Damage is a change introduced into a system that adversely affects current or future performance of that system. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is used for detection, localization and extends of damage. This paper is to detect the damage occurred in a structure using time series. It also aims to detect the severity of damage occurred in a structure. Here Mahalanobis distance method is used to detect damage in engineering systems. And thus damage index is obtained corresponding to each sensor. Damage index is found for both simply supported beam and cantilever beams. To prove the accuracy of work experimental data is taken from undamaged and damaged condition. And Damage index is found out. The information obtained from monitoring is generally used to plan and design maintenance, increase the safety, verify hypotheses, reduce uncertainty and to widen the knowledge concerning the structure being monitored. 

Index Terms—damage index, Mahalanobis distance, structural health monitoring, time series

Cite: Rakhy Joy, A Rama Mohan Rao, and P Eapen Sakaria, "Structural Damage Diagnostic Techniques Using Time Series," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 151-159, February 2014.