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Analytical Study on Flanged Shearwall under Lateral Loading

N Sivakumar, M Asha, P Gowtham, R Manikandan, and N Dinesh
Department of Civil Engineering, Jay Shriram Group of Institutions, Tirupur-638660,Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract—The frequent occurrence of the major earthquakes in the Indian subcontinent, and construction of tall buildings, especially over the last two decades demands for the construction of earthquake resistant buildings. Shear wall is one of the best lateral loading systems and it should be adequately designed and detailed. An analytical study has been made of the behavior of laterally loaded flanged shear wall in building with cross-shear wall. Particular attention is paid to the modeling of reinforced concrete rectangular shear wall with boundary elements. The objective of this work is to discuss the possibilities of modeling reinforcement detailing of reinforced concrete models in practical use. It reports the results of some analyses performed using the reinforced concrete model of the general-purpose finite element code ANSYS Version 10. The reinforced concrete model in ANSYS consists of a material model to predict the failure of brittle materials, applied to a three dimensional solid element in which reinforcing bars may be included. The material is capable of cracking in tension and crushing in compression. This paper presents the results of the three dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis of the reinforced concrete wall modeled with smeared reinforcement as well as discrete reinforcement detailing subjected to lateral static loading. 

Index Terms—concrete, lateral loading, non linear analysis, shear wall

Cite: N Sivakumar, M Asha, P Gowtham, R Manikandan, and N Dinesh, "Analytical Study on Flanged Shearwall under Lateral Loading," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 22-30, February 2014.