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Transparent Concrete as a Green Material for Building

Akshaya B Kamdi
KDKCE, RTM, Nagpur University, Maharashtra, India

Abstract—Concrete, that traditionally solid, substantial building material, is getting a makeover. Engineers have now developed concrete mixtures that are capable of transmitting light. By switching the ingredients of traditional concrete with transparent ones, or embedding fiber optics, translucent concrete has become a reality. Light Transmitting concrete, also knows as translucent concrete. It is the brightest building material development in recent years. It is one of the newest, most functional and revolutionary element in green construction material. In this paper the manufacturing ,uses and future scope of transparent concrete is widely given. However, this innovative new material, while still partially in the development stages, is beginning to be used in a variety of applications in architecture, and promises vast opportunities in the future. 

Index Terms—transparent concrete, optical fibre, concrete, aggregate

Cite: Akshaya B Kamdi, "Transparent Concrete as a Green Material for Building," International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 172-175, August 2013.